If the secondary drive lever is not properly engaged with the feedslide pin, the gun will not fire.

(a) Rotate the feed slide assembly and tray upward.

(b) Engage forked end of secondary drive lever with the feed slide pin.

(c) Press raised pivot post through hole in top cover.

(d) Press secondary drive lever against top cover until it locks in place.

M249 Feed Tray Cover
Figure 2-24. Installation of the secondary drive lever.

(8) Install vertical cam assembly by following these procedures:


Do not damage vertical cam by hitting it on the inside of the receiver.

(a) Slide vertical cam assembly through rear of receiver. Raised portion should slide over the top of the receiver. Drive lever lock should be underneath.

(b) Engage forked end in the notch.

(9) Engage primary drive lever by following these procedures:

(a) Hold vertical cam assembly in place and slide primary drive lever into receiver and rest the front end on the feed area.

(b) Slide drive lever lock rearward and engage pivot post of lever through holes in receiver and vertical cam.

(c) Slide drive lever lock (on the vertical cam just beneath top of receiver) forward. (10) Install bolt and backplate assembly. With the sear assembly on the gun, assemble bolt and backplate using the following procedure (Figure 2-25):


Before inserting assembly, put cocking lever in forward position.

Mk19 Sear Assembly
Figure 2-25. Installation of the bolt and backplate assembly.

(a) Place safety in F (FIRE) position.

(b) Ensure that the cocking lever is forward and align the bolt at the rear of the receiver and slide the receiver forward until it stops.

(c) Press down on the bolt release, slide the bolt slightly forward, and remove hands from the bolt release.

(d) Continue to slide the bolt forward until it stops again.

(e) Again, press down on the bolt release, slide the bolt slightly forward, and remove hands from the bolt release.

(f) Continue to slide the bolt forward until it reaches its most forward position.

(g) Seat the bottom of the backplate into the slots on the bottom of the receiver.

(h) Insert backplate pin to lock assembly in place.

(11) Install sear assembly by following these procedures:

(a) Turn receiver over on its top.

(b) Place sear housing on the receiver and line up sear housing assembly at a right angle to the barrel centerline.

(d) Press down and rotate the sear assembly until it locks in place.

(12) Install feed throat assembly by following these procedures:

(a) Squeeze the plungers, and align the pins with the holes in the receiver.

(b) Release plunger to reattach feed throat.

NOTE: Ensure the safety switch is in the F (FIRE) position so the sear can be easily depressed.


Before loading, the gunner should ensure the MK 19 is on S (SAFE) and the bolt is in the forward position.

a. Before loading, use the following procedures:

(1) Attach the feed throat by squeezing the spring-loaded pins on the feed throat (Figure 2-26).

(2) Insert the feed throat on both sides of the feeder.

(3) Ensure that the feed throat points down.

Feed Throat Assembly
Figure 2-26. Attachment of feed throat.

b. When loading, use the following procedures:

(1) Insert the first round into the feeder (female link first) (Figure 2-27).

40mm Female Figures
Figure 2-27. Loading of first round.

(2) Push the round across the secondary feed pawl. To move the feed slide to the left, push the secondary drive lever to the right (Figure 2-28).

(3) Close the cover.

(4) Grasp the charger handles with the palms down.

(5) Press the charger handle locks in.

(6) Rotate the handles down and pull them sharply to the rear.

(7) Return the charger handles forward to their original upright position, after locking the bolt to the rear.

Failure to completely pull the bolt to the rear may result in the misalignment of the M16A2 links on the round, which causes the round to feed improperly.

(8) Place the safety switch on F (FIRE) and press the trigger. The bolt slams forward and grasps the first round in the bolt extractors.

(9) Grasp, unlock, and turn charger handles down, and lock the bolt to the rear again.

(10) Ensure the safety switch is on S (SAFE).

(11) Return the charger handles to their original upright position. The MK 19 is now ready to fire.

40mm Machine Gun

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