Both charger handles must be forward and up for firing. If either handle is down, the gun will not fire.

(1) The gunner ensures the safety of other personnel and clears the weapon of ammunition by performing the following steps in sequence:

(a) Clear the area of personnel.

(b) Pull bolt to the rear. If the bolt does not go to the rear, go to BOLT JAMMED.

(c) Catch the live round as it is ejected.

(d) Push the charging handles forward and up.

(e) Put the gun on S (SAFE) and check for any bore obstructions.

(f) If bore is clear, move safety switch from the S (SAFE) to the F (FIRE) position, and attempt to fire.

(g) If nothing happens, put gun on S (SAFE) and wait 10 seconds.

(h) Pull the bolt to the rear.

(i) Catch the live round as it is ejected.

(j) Open the top cover and clear the ammunition. (k) Check bore for any obstructions.

(2) Charge the MK 19 in the normal manner and check to see the primary pawls have clicked up behind the cartridge in front of the bolt face and that the secondary pawls have clicked up behind the next round before firing. The feed pawls should click up within the 1-inch of charging handle travel.

(3) If the primary and secondary pawls do not click up within the last 1-inch of charging travel, follow these procedures:

• Turn the MK 19 into unit level maintenance.

• Record ammo lot number, type of ammo, number of rounds fired, serial number of the MK 19 and indicate whether ammo is linked with one-piece or two-piece links.

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