The sear assembly should be removed only in a clean and well-lit area because a small pin could possibly fall out and become lost, which makes the gun inoperable.

a. Disassembly. Disassembly includes removal of parts to the extent explained in this chapter. To ensure that parts are not lost and are replaced properly, place them (in the order in which they are taken off) on a clean flat surface. A spent cartridge casing, a section of the cleaning rod, and a cartridge link may be used as removal and replacement tools. To disassemble:

(1) Clear the weapon.

(2) Take out the secondary drive lever by following these procedures:

(a) Raise the top cover assembly and push the secondary drive lever pivot post from the outside of the top cover assembly.

(b) Separate the secondary drive lever from the top cover assembly (Figure 2-11).

(c) Tap lightly on the secondary lever pivot post with any available tool, if necessary.

40mm Grenade
Figure 2-11. Secondary drive lever removal.

(d) Take the secondary drive lever from the slide assembly, and allow the feed slide and tray assembly to close.

(3) Take off the top cover assembly by following these procedures:

(a) Hold the top cover straight up with one hand.

(b) Pull the top cover pins from both sides (Figure 2-12).

(c) Lift the top cover assembly straight up and off.

Figure 2-12. Top cover assembly.

(4) Take out the feed slide assembly and separate the feed slide from the feed tray by following these procedures:

(a) Align the tabs on the feed slide with the slots in the feed tray and lift them straight up (Figure 2-13).

Figure 2-13. Feed slide assembly.

(b) Take out the feed tray by lifting it straight up (Figure 2-14).

(b) Take out the feed tray by lifting it straight up (Figure 2-14).

Figure 2-14. Feed tray.

(5) Take off the alignment guide by following these procedures:

(a) Depress the tip of the alignment guide spring with the secondary drive lever or a cleaning rod section.

(b) Slide the alignment guide out of the receiver by pulling the assembly slightly rearward (Figure 2-15).

Rifle Alignment Machine
Figure 2-15. Alignment guide.

(6) Take out the ogive plunger by pulling it out through the inside wall of the receiver (Figure 2-16).

Figure 2-16. Ogive plunger.

(7) Take off the round-positioning block by following these procedures:

(a) Push the round-positioning block into the side of the gun.

(b) Slide the round-positioning block forward.

(c) Release the round-positioning block forward from the keyslots in the receiver wall (Figure 2-17).

Figure 2-17. Round-positioning block.

(8) Take out the bolt and backplate assembly by following these procedures:


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