Crew Drills

The purpose of a crew drill is to build precision, speed, skill, and teamwork in checking equipment, placing the MK19 into and out of action, and moving the MK 19 to a new position. The main goal is achieved by following prescribed procedures. Precision, speed, skill, and teamwork grow with practice. During the crew drill, all oral and visual signals are repeated. Once crewmembers can perform their duties well, they rotate to allow each member of the crew to learn the duties of others. The ground-mounted MK 19 has three crewmembers: the gunner, the assistant gunner, and the ammunition bearer. The vehicle-mounted MK 19 also has three crewmembers: the squad leader, the gunner, and the driver. Normally the crew is not required to carry the MK 19 and ammunition over long distances. A vehicle usually carries the crew, ammunition, and equipment to the firing position. The terrain and the enemy situation dictate how close the vehicle may be brought to the firing position.

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