Do not relink or fire any ammunition that has been cycled through the weapon

(7) Holding the bolt to the rear, insert a cleaning rod through the receiver rail to the top of the shell casing and as close to the face of the bolt as possible.

(8) Place left hand underneath as close to the round as possible. Raise cleaning rod upward forcing the round off the bolt face into the hand. Remove round to designated area for explosive ordinance disposal (EOD).

b. Correcting an Obstructed Bore. To correct an obstructed bore follow these procedures:

(1) Place selector lever on F (FIRE) and ease the bolt forward.

(2) Remove the backplate pin bolt, backplate assembly, vertical cam assembly, and primary drive lever.

(3) Check for any type of obstruction.

(4) Check and remove any case or round from bolt face.

(5) Insert bore obstruction detector into bore to check for a live round.

(6) Remove obstruction per round removal procedures (for exact bore obstruction instructions using the round removal tool, refer to WP 0014 00).

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