Supporting Forces Active Component

These forces consist of all other units in the active component not identified as fighting force units. These guns are used primarily in defense of battalion, brigade, and division rear operations. Gunners from these forces participate in instruction fire and qualification annually.

a. Every quarter the unit conducts preliminary marksmanship instruction and crew drills. The Gunnery Skills Test is also conducted.

b. During the first quarter, there is no additional training.

c. During the second quarter, perform LFXs (see Tables I-5 through I-7).

d. There is no additional training during the third quarter.

e. During the fourth quarter, annual day gunner practice qualification and qualification exercises are performed. Night practice qualification and qualification is conducted once every two years (see Table E-1 for the correct tables to use). Once every two years, assistant gunner familiarization (with a zeroed gun) using Tables I and III is also conducted (see table E-1).

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