Figure Data section information

• Each circle equals 294 meters. Write in the distance in meters between the circles. To find the distance, count the intervals from the weapon to the maximum engagement line. Divide the number of intervals into the range. This gives the distance between circles (Figure 4-24). For example: 2,212 meters = 294 meters between circles 7.5 intervals

Figure 4-24. Determination of range the circles represent.

• Number (No.). Starting with number 1, write the numbers as listed for TRPs and target engagement locations.

• Direction/deflection. Write the mils from the traversing bar and handwheel.

• Elevation. Write the elevation from the elevating screw plate scale and the elevating handwheel.

• Range. Write distance in meters from the weapon to the TRP or target engagement area.

• Ammunition. Write the type of round issued for the mission.

• Description. List the name of the obj ect; for example: road, windmill, or church. If the item is a TRP, list the TRP number also.

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