Fire Procedures

Firing the MK 19 is not hard. However, to be effective, the gunner must be able to skillfully manipulate the trigger and T&E mechanism; the weapon must be held down and to one side while aiming and adjusting the T&E mechanism. The following steps are simple, but the gunner must remember to estimate the distance to the target, set the sights for distance, manipulate the T&E mechanism, press the trigger, and fire a single round; since the MK 19 is a fully automatic weapon, this can only be done by "popping" the trigger once. He must spot the impact of the first round and adjust to the target area. He should begin firing six- to nine-round bursts. This whole process can be done in a matter of seconds, the longest part being the flight time of the round. To fire the weapon:

(b) Ensure the charger handles are in the forward and upright position.

(c) Place your hands on the control grips, and your thumb(s) on the trigger.

(d) Hold the weapon down and to one side, and check sight picture.

(e) Press the trigger to fire.

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