Engage Targets With The Mk

The MK 19 squad must be able to successfully engage a target while occupying a firing position. This crew drill is based on the procedures found in Section III of Chapter 5, Application of Fire. The purpose of this drill is to exercise proper fire techniques to successfully engage a target while not hitting friendly troops or attempting to hit a target out of range. The crew occupies a dismounted position when the squad leader announces, "Fire mission."

a. The squad leader then performs the following tasks:

(1) Announces direction using one of the following methods: orally (example:"Right front," or "Left flank"), by a reference point (example:"TRP 1," "Lone tree."), fires tracer from a weapon or another MK 19, or by laying the gun on the target himself.

(2) Announces target description "Troops," "Tank," or if more than one type of target, designated target, "Lead truck," "Right building, far end."

(3) Announces target range, for example, "Four five zero," "One one hundred."

(4) Takes the following corrective actions, as required. If the gunner announces, "Cannot identify," the squad leader attempts to identify and gives further instructions. If the gunner announces "Lost," the squad leader gives additional target location. If the gunner announces "Friendly, the squad leader gives new target description or gives end of mission.

(5) Announces the method of engagement by announcing the class and rate of fire.

(6) Announces method of control.

(7) Issues subsequent fire commands as needed.

(8) Terminates the alert: CEASE FIRE, END OF MISSION.

b. The gunner performs the following tasks:

(1) Attempts to acquire target. If he cannot, the gunner announces "Cannot identify," "Lost," or "Friendly."

(2) When identified, announces "Identified," or "Up."

(3) Makes an adjustment to the lay of the gun as the squad leader gives new data.

c. The driver performs the following tasks:

(1) Provides security for the vehicle or position.

(2) Prepares to get more ammunition to the gun as required.

(3) Prepares to move if the squad leader announces "Cease fire," or "End of mission."


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