Taking The Mk Out Of Action

To take the gun out of action, the leader commands OUT OF ACTION. Each crewmember accomplishes the following in sequence.

a. The gunner raises the top cover of the MK 19. The assistant gunner releases the ammunition belt from the feed tray and places it in the ammunition can. The gunner takes the round or spent cartridge case from the bolt fingers, places it in the ammunition can, and closes the top cover.

b. The assistant gunner releases the MK 19 from the gun cradle. The gunner lifts the MK 19 off the mount and moves to a position 10 paces behind the tripod. He places the MK 19 on the ground in front of him with the flash suppressor to the left and with the sights on the top.

c. Once the gunner has moved away from the tripod, the assistant gunner:

(1) Releases the T&E mechanism and takes off the gun cradle/ T&E mechanism.

(2) Releases the tripod sleeve lock latch.

(3) Grasps the front leg and rotates the tripod to a vertical position.

(4) Releases the sleeve latch, and collapses the trail legs.

(5) Loosens the front leg clamp, folds down the front leg to a 60-degree angle, and tightens the clamp.

(6) Returns, with the tripod and gun cradle, to a position five paces in front of the gunner.

d. The ammunition bearer comes forward and gets the ammunition can(s) or any other loose equipment, and returns to a position five paces behind the gunner.

e. The gunner announces "Up."

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