Operations Checklist

This appendix consists of an operations checklist of procedures to be followed before, during, and after use of the MK19.





1. Bore

Ensure it is clear and clean.

Clean and oil lightly.

2. Moving parts

Oil lightly and test for worn or broken parts. The moving parts should function without excessive friction.

Lubricate working parts. Observe the functioning of the gun to anticipate failures.

Inspect, clean, and oil lightly.

3. Ammunition

a. Ensure the correct type of ammunition is used.

b. Ensure the ammunition is clean and dent free.

c. Ensure all ogives are tight.

d. Have an adequate supply of ammunition on hand.

Keep correctly aligned in the feedtray. Check resupply. Protect from sun, moisture, and dirt. Watch for link stoppage.

Clean, store carefully, and replenish supply.

4. Top cover

Inspect the top cover for dents or damage.

Keep closed and locked down.

Lube properly after cleaning.

5. Line of fire

Ensure the line of fire is clear of all obstructions.

Cease fire if any obstruction appears in the line of fire.

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