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Preparatory marksmanship training for the MK 19 covers the firing positions, the MK 19 fighting position, use of the T&E mechanism, and manipulation exercises. Thorough instruction during the preparatory training and exercises helps ensure efficient use of time and ammunition during range firing.


Use the basic sitting, standing, and kneeling positions during training and range firing of the MK 19.

a. Sitting. When the tripod is used in the low or high position, sit directly behind the gun between the trail legs of the tripod. Extend your legs under the tripod, cross them, or brace your feet on the tripod (Figure 4-1). Place your elbows on the inside of your thighs for support when crossing your legs or bracing your feet on the tripod.

Figure 4-1. Seated firing positions.

b. Standing. When the MK 19 is mounted on a vehicle, stand with both of your hands on the control grips and your thumbs resting on the trigger. Keep your elbows against your body, your body forward, and your chest against your hands to brace the gun (Figure 4-2).

Figure 4-2. Standing position.

c. Kneeling. When the MK 19 is in a fighting or hasty tripod-mounted position, kneel and grasp the control grips with your thumbs on the trigger (Figure 4-3).

Figure 4-3. Hasty tripod position.

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