Zeroing Procedures

Zeroing procedures are crucial for hitting targets at ranges of 600 meters or more. It is strongly recommended that a target at 400 meters be used to zero. The following is the correct way to zero the MK 19 to the gunner.

a. Loosen the range plate screw. Move the range plate to the midpoint between the two studs. Tighten the range plate screw. Move the rear sight slide to the meter mark that represents the distance to the target. For example, move to the 400-meter mark to zero on a target known to be 400 meters away. Set the windage knob at the zero index line.

b. Align the sights on the base of the target using the T&E mechanism.

c. Fire a single round and spot the impact of the round. If it is on the target, fire another short burst to confirm the zero. If the round is not on target, go on to the next step.

d. To adjust for a round that is not on target, do the following:

(1) If the impact of the round is short or over, adjust the elevation knob. Estimate how short or over the round is. If the round is short, use this estimate to adjust the elevation knob clockwise, which moves the sights up onto the knob counterclockwise to bring the sights down to the target. For example, if the rounds impact 10 mils short, adjust the elevation knob 10 mils up by turning it clockwise. Realign the sights and adjust the gun back on target using the T&E mechanism before the next round is fired.

NOTE: 1. If the adjustment was correct, the second round should be on target. If so, fire the rest of the rounds to confirm the zero. If not, repeat the previous step.

2. If the impacts are not observed, bold adjustments may be necessary.

(2) If the round is to the right or left, adjust the windage knob. Estimate how far to the right or left the sight needs to move to bring the rounds on target. Turn the windage knob clockwise to adjust to the right; turn the windage knob counterclockwise to adjust to the left. For example, if the rounds impact 10 mils to the right, adjust the sight 10 mils to the left by turning the windage knob counterclockwise. Realign and adjust the sights back on target using the T&E mechanism before firing the next round.

(3) Once the zero is completed, align the range plate scale at the exact range of the target used to zero, and tighten it.

e. Point out errors and explain their effect.

f. When the gunner maintains the same sight picture, the type of firing position does not alter the zero.

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