Assembly Continued

p. Safety wire the bolt sleeves (53).

(1) Using non-electrical wire (55), safety wire the bolt sleeves from bottom right to top left as shown in illustration.


q. Attach the helical compression springs (56) and rods to the backplate (57).

(1) Install the control grip assembly (58) and backplate (57).

(2) Insert the tip of the rods into off-center holes in the backplate tubes (59). Move the rods slightly to center them in the tubes. Ensure manual trigger plate is toward top of bolt assembly.

(3) Pull out the two 1/8 inch punches, cotter pins, or equal, to release the helical compression springs (56) into place.

(4) Insert bolt and backplate assembly into weapon.


a. Install the body mounting plate (60) on the backplate (57).

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