Do not twist the helical compression spring too far onto the guide rod. It cannot be loosened without damage to the helical compression spring. Grip the helical compression spring where it contacts the guide rod to prevent damage to the helical compression spring.

Mil e. Remove the feed slide assembly. Using a 5/8 inch wrench, disassemble the guide rod from the feed slide assembly. Using pliers, twist the rounded end of the new helical compression spring (1) onto the end of the guide rod until the helical compression spring protrudes from the housing slightly farther than the distance "A" obtained in step 1d. Do not twist the helical compression spring too far (note CAUTION above).

f. Install the guide rod into feed slide. Install the assembly in the weapon and ensure that the top cover will close when the feed slide assembly is fully to the left and the bolt is forward. If the helical compression spring is too long to allow the cover to close, twist the helical compression spring clockwise to tighten it (note CAUTION above).

g. Remove the guide rod from feed slide assembly, degrease guide rod threads and threaded hole in feed slide assembly. Apply locking compound on threads, install guide rod into the feed slide assembly. Tighten with 5/8 inch wrench.


a. Install the stop/shim (9) into the outer feed slide (10). Insert the inner feed slide (11) into the outer feed slide. Install the shuttle spring (12) in the inner feed slide. Insert the guide rod and helical compression spring (13) through the shuttle spring.

Feed Slide

b. Place the assembled components in the feed slide tool, as shown. Turn the handle on the tool (squeeze the assembly and the tool together for better performance) until the screw holes are aligned. Insert a new self-locking socket head screw, but do not tighten.

c. Turn the tool's handle until the two sets of screw holes (on the side with two screws) are aligned. Insert new self-locking socket head screws. Alternately tighten the three self-locking socket head screws, using a 5/32 inch allen wrench. Unscrew the tool and remove the feed slide assembly.

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