Mk 19 Bolt Buffer Bodies

Do not immerse the bolt buffer assemblies in water or solvent. Do not lubricate the internal parts. Ensure all parts are clean, dry, and not lubricated when assembling.

(1) Place the bolt buffer body (6) in a copper-jawed vise, threaded end upward.

(2) Insert the narrow end of the bolt buffer plunger (7) into the bolt buffer body (6).

(3) Alternate the recoil mechanism buffers (8) and spring washers (9) on top of the bolt buffer plunger (7), exactly in the order shown. Push them down all the way, using a large punch covered with a towel.

(4) Install the bolt buffer cap (10) and tighten with a 1/2 inch screwdriver until the bolt buffer cap is flush with the bolt buffer body (6). Using a center punch, stake the inside of the slot (11) in the bolt buffer cap to the thread of the bolt buffer body in one place.

Dry cleaning solvent is flammable and toxic and must be kept away from open flames and used in a well ventilated area. Use of rubber gloves is necessary to protect the skin when washing parts.

(1) Using dry cleaning solvent, clean the threads of the pawl (13) and shoulder pin (14) before installation.


c. Install the helical spring (12), pawl (13), and shoulder pin (14).

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