Inspection Of Installed Items


a. Inspect the bolt and backplate assembly each time it is detail stripped, as follows:

(1) Measure the length of all springs as listed in WP 0057 00, using a dial caliper to measure any spring under 6 inches long. Use a tape measure to measure springs more than 6 inches.

(2) Inspect the general condition of all parts, especially those noted below. Make repairs/replacements as authorized by the SMR code in the Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL).

(3) Always adjust the bolt timing (WP 0069 00) upon reassembly of the bolt. 2. INSPECT BACKPLATE.

a. Inspect straight pin, manual trigger plate, and operating rod. Examine the edges of the trigger plate for burrs. Remove burrs with a stone and preserve with lubricant. Replace the straight pin, trigger plate, or operating rod if damaged or worn. Inspect for rust. Remove rust with lubricant and cloth. Preserve with a light coat of lubrication.

b. Handle components. Examine for burrs, cracks, damaged, or broken components. Remove any burrs. Replace damaged or broken components.

c. Body and backplate. Examine for burrs or rust. Remove any rust. Replace if bent, cracked, or broken.


a. Inspect inner rods (1), middle tubes (2), and outside tubes (3).

(1) Inspect for burrs, especially around the openings of the tubes and rods. Remove burrs, using a stone and preserve with a lubricant. If a rod or tube is bent, install a new one. Ensure that rods and tubes slide freely upon assembly without binding.


b. Inspect front washers (4).

(1) Visually inspect the round grooves in the two front washers. If the groove in either front washer is more than halfway through the washer (1/16 inch deep), replace both front washers with new ones.

c. Inspect spring washers (5).

(1) Inspect for radial cracks from the outside in. If either of the spring washers is cracked, badly worn, or show signs of rust, replace both spring washers with new ones.

(1) Inspect for cracks on the raised inside edge of the bolt sear, as shown. If cracked in this area, install a new bolt sear. Whenever a new bolt sear is installed, also install a new receiver sear. Whenever the bolt sear is removed or a new one is installed, check and adjust the bolt's timing (WP 0069 00) prior to reassembly.

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