Location And Description Of Major Components Continued

t. FEED TRAY (18). Hinges to the underside of the top cover assembly and to the receiver by two knurled straight pins. Holds the feed slide assembly, which slides on the rails of the tray. A feed tray pawl and spring are attached to the feed tray by a grooved pin. The UGWS configuration has a flexible chute attached, which feeds rounds from an ammunition bin on the left side of the weapon.

u. FEED SLIDE ASSEMBLY (19). Consists of a steel outer feed slide, feed pawls, a housing, and the internal components of the housing. The shuttle spring is compressed inside the housing and is held in place by three self-locking shoulder screws to the outer feed slide. Two feed slide pawls protrude from the underside of the outer feed tray. The pawls are held in position by a flat leaf-type spring and pin.

v. KNURLED STRAIGHT PINS (20). Connect the top cover assembly with the feed tray and receiver. Each pin contains a crosspin to prevent it from slipping out.

w. SOLENOID (21) (UGWS ONLY). Consist of an electric solenoid to electrically fire the weapon.

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