Maintenance Procedures

a. Initial Setup. Initial Setup is a list of everything needed in order to do maintenance on one part of the weapon.

Tools and Special Tools—Lists tools needed to perform maintenance.

Materials/Parts—Lists expendable/durable materials and 100% replaceable parts. Each material or part is followed by a part number or work package reference. If more than one part is needed, the quantity needed precedes the part number or reference.

Personnel Required—Lists the number of personnel needed when more than one person is required.

References—Lists other publications containing necessary information.

Equipment Conditions—Lists conditions to be met before starting the procedure. The reference on the left of the condition is a work package reference to instructions for setting up the condition.

b. Step-By-Step Procedures. Step-by-step procedures are illustrated procedures for maintenance authorized in the maintenance allocation chart (MAC). For replacement of parts, see WP 0101 00 through WP 0123 00.

c. WARNINGS and CAUTIONS. Throughout the manual you will see WARNING and CAUTION data which must be followed.

(1) WARNING. A warning is used to alert the user of hazardous operating and maintenance procedures, practices, conditions, statements, etc., that may result in injury to or death of personnel if not strictly observed.

(2) CAUTION. A caution is used to alert the user of hazardous operating or maintenance procedures, practices, conditions, statements, etc., that may result in damage to or destruction of equipment or of mission effectiveness if not strictly observed.

d. Callouts. A dashed callout arrow in the procedures means the part being called out is hidden, i.e., you can't see it on the illustration. For example:

Nsn 1010 126 9063

(2) Callout 2 is the housing bore.


MK 19 MOD 3 40 MM MACHINE GUN (NSN 1010-01-126-9063) UPGUNNED WEAPONS STATION MK 19 40 MM MACHINE GUN (NSN 1010-01-362-6513)


Mk19 Grenade Launcher Nsn


a. Type of Manual. Direct Support Maintenance, including repair parts and special tools list.

b. Model Number and Equipment Name. MK 19 MOD 3 40 mm Machine Gun and MK 19 40-mm Upgunned Weapons Station.

c. Purpose of Equipment. Provides a machine gun that fires a 40 mm grenade with antipersonnel fragmentation and light-armor capability.


Department of the Army forms and procedures used for equipment maintenance will be those prescribed by DA PAM 738-750, Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS).

Air Force — Users refer to TO 11W1-10 for applicable forms and records.

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