Warning Summary Continued

Ensure stow pin and depression stop are installed before attaching MK 64 mount to tripod. Refer to TM 9-1010-231-13&P.

The shuttle spring and spring housing are held under pressure. Always use the feed slide tool to secure the spring before removing the screws. Failure to observe this warning will result in injury.

Empty the cartridge catch bag frequently during firing. If the cartridge catch bag becomes too full, spent cases can jam the weapon causing stoppage and out-of-battery firing. Should such a stoppage or out-of-battery firing occur, check for bore obstruction.

Use only ammunition authorized for use with the MK19 machine gun; M383E4, M385A1, M918TP, M383HE, M384HE, and M430HEDP.

Keep ammunition dry, clean, and away from direct heat.

Do not drop, strike, or destroy ammunition by mechanical means.

Do not re-link or fire ammunition that has been cycled through the weapon.

Do not attempt to remove three self-locking shoulder screws from the feed slide housing. Springs will fly out causing injury.

The firing pin is under heavy spring tension. Always shield the tip of the firing pin whenever it is exposed and cocked. This will prevent injury if the firing pin sear is accidentally depressed.

To avoid injury, keep fingers clear of the cocking lever when firing pin fires.

Ensure safety slide block is installed in the position shown. If safety slide block is improperly installed, the thumb safety will not function, endangering personnel.

Helical spring is under tension. Shield helical spring while pulling out pawl rod. This will prevent injury.

When firing approved 40-MM ammunition, observe all WARNINGS in the front of this manual.

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