Brought Us Quiet Killing

H. P. Maxim could have been your kindly next door neighbor, your favorite joke-telling uncle, the nice man who ran the neighborhood store, the president of the local Rotary club, or the chairman of the county fair committee.

Instead, by birth and interest, H. P. Maxim was one of a trio from this famous family name in the gun business. Sir Hiram S. Maxim, H. P.'s father, brought us the first real machine gun, while brother Hudson, H. P.'s uncle, invented smokeless gunpowder, the self-propelled torpedo, and a host of other explosive and ordnance items. Hiram P. Maxim is the father of silencers.

It's an unfortunate bit of history that he is remembered only for his firearm silencers, because this man's memory deserves much more. He was also a pioneer in aviation, ham radio technology, and motion picture photography. A native of Brooklyn where he was born on 2 September

1869, Hiram P. Maxim once said of his hometown, "It's a good place to be from, 1 guess."

H. P. wrote and had published three books and numerous stories and articles. He also wrote a weekly "Science for the Layman" column for King Features newspaper syndicate for many years. Later, on a dare from his sister, he wrote and sold to Hollywood producers the scenario for the Pearl White adventure film The Virgin Paradise. Although an inventive scientist and engineer, H. P. was also a man of letters and a classical scholar.

The world knows H. P., though, for his famous Maxim silencer, the infamous "silent death" design which became the engineering genesis for most silencers since. Among various silencer designs, the Maxim units are of the hot gas type, where hot gases are trapped, swirled, and dissipated slowly through a series of chambers formed inside the silencer's outer tube. This allows those hot, explo-

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