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Engineering diagram of the Choate MC-1 suppressor kit.

In May of 1982. MAC expanded their product line to include a variety of clamp-on muzzle adapters for various pistols, as well as conversion adapters to allow the use of M10 or Mil suppressors on most .22 caliber pistols. They also offered custom ported High Standard barrels. By September they had completed designs of a newly modified High Standard model which they advertised as, "When completed, [these units) are without question the most effective suppressors on today's commercial market. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your complete purchase price will be refunded."

Prices for the internal component entire package. less the outer tube, ran from S260 for a 5.5 inch to S325 for a 7.25 inch barrel with custom mount and 3X scope, scope.

Another kit for the various High Standard .22 caliber pistols was offered late in 1982 by J. R. Stcmple, who advertised all internal parts and wipes, including a ported barrel, for S89.50. He also offered an extra long .45 Ml911 barrel with bushing and integral muzzle coupling for an M10 suppressor for $77.50. Mr. Stemple advertised various other couplings for such weapons as the Uzi, Thompson Contender and Ruger handguns. He also offered a variety of random tubes suit able for the M10, Mil, Ml, M14, HK 91 and 93, Colt Woodsman, and others with prices ranging from SI9.50 to $36.50.

Other dealers offer accessories only. For example. Shooters Equipment Company of Tamassee, South Carolina, sells a splendid replacement for the original Sionics/MAC wipes, which are notoriously inefficient. The new Accu-Wipe costs twenty dollars, is indestructible, needs no replacement, and is easily installed.

Not all suppressor news comes from Georgia, however. Sionac, a quality-conscious company in Tucson, Arizona, first used a modest classified ad to offer Shotgun News readers "the best .22 LR unit in the world" for $125. This included all the interior components, but not the outer tube. According to ATF interpretations, the numbered outer tube is the legally registered suppressor.

Working with sophisticated customers in mind, Sionac offers the booklet The Silencer: A Report Detailing Construction of an Effective .22 Caliber Suppressor for eleven dollars. The Sionic ad reads, "Easy-to-follow plans not requiring machine tools outline construction of a suppressed weapon measuring 72 dBs." If you order their parts pack, you get their free, excellent, well-written no-nonsense publication.

By the end of 1982, Sionac claimed that mass sales and production allowed a price reduction, so they cut the price of their parts pack to ninety-five dollars. Their ads claimed a sound level comparable to a BB gun and strongly pitched their quality and technology. One point made a lot of sense. Sionac notes, "Don't get fooled into purchasing junk-in-the-box. Write us a letter or give us a call and ask all the questions you want. We have the answers." It's a valid suggestion and a good point.

Part of the research for this book included contact with law enforcement people who had purchased various kit units for evaluation purposes. I saw and tried many of their units. Most ranged from awful and beyond; some were fairly effective. Most tended to shootout after four hundred or five hundred rounds. In some the barrel alignment was dangerously off. One ported unit lodged a round in the barrel. For the most part, these mailorder suppressor kits were more monuments to avarice than ballistic sound suppression technology.

This is notably not the case with the Sionac units. They are professionally done, top-quality products. Their performance in suppressing sound exceeds some of the commercial designs being tested for military and clandestine use by the U.S. government.

According to A. Z. Santini of Sionac, their .22 suppressor is seven inches long and an inch in diameter. It is a baffle type unit made of aluminum. consisting of nine chambers with eighty mesh brass screen washers, ten neoprene baffles, a special

Suppressor Baffle Plans

The R. F. P. super mini kit for the .45 Ml911A1 or the S & W models 39 and 59.

Pistol Silencer
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