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Schematic drawing done by Thomas to show the design of the Australian suppressor for the .30-06 Mauser, a unit of porting and baffles with brass mesh.

pressor. Taking the lead in technology, the FBI has adopted a large number of suppressed weapons appropriate to law enforcement use including the Uzj and HK MP5SD submachine guns, the M16A1, XM21. and M40 rifles, piusa number of handguns, including Ruger and High Standard in .22 caliber, S A. W, Beretta and 9mm HK, plus a variety of other types.

The obvious uses for suppressed weapons include taking out a hostage-holder with the quiet precision of a S.W.A.T. team sniper rifle at 200 »eters. quietly neutralizing a large narcotics operation *s guard dogs, and avoiding public panic in critical shootout situations unfolding in crowded ftrtian areas. Then, there is the executive protec-business, where a suppressor on security per-lel's compact, powerful weapons will pre-it deafness or concussion from the awesome rle blast inside the confined space of an auto-bile or elevator. As one who has fired an Ingram 10 inside a vehicle, my ears and senses were kful for the suppressor on the weapon. From a public relations standpoint, the ed noise level from a suppressor-equipped ipon will minimize critical civilian reaction to [pinfire. These types of weapons also confuse a t or hostage-taker as he or she is not really tin from where police gunfire is coming, illy, they are ideal weapons for dealing with in-'d, dangerous, or wild animals that must be itroyed in an urban or suburban area. In addition to military and law enforcement me, collectors and others who enjoy exotic weaponry are buying suppressors and suppressed weapons in record numbers, according to dealers I spoke with. That, of course, means prices are up. As one dealer related to me, "Prices continue to grow like weeds in a manure pile."

A 1982 classified ad in Shotgun News listed an original Sionics M14 suppressor for $1,025, an OSS High Standard suppressed pistol for $1,300, and a Sten MkllS for $1,500. In a more modern view, preauction MAC 9mm suppressors were going for SI85 in the fall of 1982. By the first month of 1983, the LARAND M16 suppressor cost $425, the LARAND Ruger Mkl cost $520, and a High Standard HD with a LARAND unit cost $610.

One of the greatest collections of militarĂ­a was sold for millions when the York Arms & Armor Museum collection was sold at auction in Las Vegas in December of 1981. Some of the rarest weapons in the world changed hands during this extraordinary sale, including collector's specimens of prime suppressors. Even original Maxim, Sionics, MAC, Colt, Sterling, and Sten suppressors and suppressed weapons were included.

Silencers may not be the gun world's better financial mousetrap, but they surely do take a lot of the snap out of getting caught.

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