(Top to bottom) 1) The clean, streamlined, dependable Ruger 10/22 is one of the finest rifles in its genre today. Adding the effective, beautifully finished Ciener suppressor adds to the value of the weapon. 2) Browning .22 has all (he features of 10/22 Sporter, but this gun has downward ejection so noise loss is directed to and absorbed by ground. Weapon breaks down for backpacking, etc. 3) S & W suppressor/barrel assembly, supplied with vented barrel. Readily disassembled for cleaning. Baffle type with holding pressure chamber as in H & K MPS/SD design. 4) M16A1A suppressor. Superior to Sionics design due to internals that do not fail, larger capacity, 100% accuracy, and no relief valve which has proven to be counterproductive in sound meter tests as well as giving off significant flash in night firing. This unit is superior to all previous designs offered the public. Indefinite life with never a failure.

long, life? We need to do more research in this area."

Exploring future developments, Ciener predicts, "The next form of suppressor development is the idea of sound transformation, in other words, raising or lowering the pitch to an inaudible level."

There have already been experimental designs in this approach to modifying sound, some as early as the 1940s. More recent experiments have been much more sophisticated, and some of the newer modes are currently under government study—and classification. For that reason it is difficult to present more definitive data on this method of sound suppression. But, Ciener is a man who will try to make his own data.

Born in Huntington, West Virginia in 1948, Ciener holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida and served as a field artillery lieutenant in the U.S. Army. After his military obligation was completed, Ciener began full-time on the Grand Prix motorcycle roadracing tour. He recalls, "For every hour on the track, there are literally hundreds of preparation hours which require total attention to machine detail. This experience fine-tuned my design and machine operating talents."

After a severe crash in California ended his professional racing career, Ciener returned to Florida and managed a residential construction company. He also became a class III dealer in NFA weapons.

"This started as a moonlighting career. But I made so many contacts and sales, then started getting requests for custom silencer work, which was then unavailable, that I began to think about a new career," he recalls.

Ciener obtained the necessary licenses and approvals to begin his new full-time operation in the design, manufacture, and sale of silenced weapons.

"I'm now working at our new facility in Titus-ville, Florida, directly across the Indian River from the U.S. Space Shuttle launch facility. They make a lot of noise, but we don't," he adds with a touch of humorous irony.

Is Ciener successful? He says, "The hobby and part-time days are over We are almost always in a constant state of back order trying to fill the demand for my quality products."

Ciener also brings up a point which others often avoid when the question arises cost. He says, "Customers always seem to ask me why the suppressor for their Mini 14, S & W M39 or M59, Walther PPK, or whatever, costs as much as or more than the firearm itself. Face it, suppressor manufacture is a highly specialized field which does not lend itself to mass production techniques due to the variety of weapons sent for suppression. Each weapon requires personal attention for custom design and installation.

"At present, the limited demand for suppressors does not support the expense of the special tooling necessary for mass production. However, as we standardize, there are some firearms for which we have sufficient demands for suppressors that some automated tooling is used, e.g. the Ruger Mark 1, Colt Ml6, and the Military Armament guns. In these cases we can do a production run on semiautomated equipment."

Jonathan Arthur Ciener is willing to make these investments in the future of his field suppressor design-because he plans to be around in his field for a long time. After all, as his ads say, "He's the best."

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