Gold Spot Silencer

Interdynamics special subsonic .223 load Q

shown in full configuration and in cutaway (two views).

Cutaway View M60Silenced Weapon Use
This group of Frcnch counter guerrilla fighters, circa 1951, has at least one silenced submachine gun stowed aboard for use in Indochina.

weapons, suppressors and accessories. Operating from a factory in Atlanta, and using much of the original equipment, they turned out an impressive array of products. They also sold the equipment, both to governments and individuals.

An R. P. B. ad exclaimed, "The Ingram SMG has gained world acclaim for awesome but reliable fire power. ... In the summer of 1979, the Colombian government conducted extensive comparison tests on six of the best known submachine guns of the world, including the Ingram. The conclusion of these tests resulted in a large order from the Colombian government for Ingram guns."

In addition, other sales were made to the governments of England, Dubai, the Netherlands, Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Portugal, Oman, Korea, and, of course, to the U.S. for the Army's Special Forces, the Navy SEALS, the Secret Service, and the FBI. I'm sure the CIA also bought a few which it has tucked into deep cover closets all over the globe.

According to Wayne Daniel, president of R. P. B., early in 1981 the company received an order from the Defense Department to produce Fifty Ingram submachine guns equipped with suppressors for SEAL operations.

Squeezed by the ordnance ring and the fact that the military wasn't going to buy large numbers of M10 and Ml 1 submachine guns, plus the trickle down effect that our allies weren't in the market either, R. P. B. put its engineers to work making semiautomatic versions of the Ingram guns for domestic consumer sales. As some buyers soon discovered, it was as relatively easy to convert the semiauto Ingrams back to full auto as it was to make them one-squeeze, one-shot weapons. Soon, other ads in Shotgun News offered ready-to-install conversion kits.

On 21 June 1982, the ATF declared that the semiauto versions of the Ingrams were too easy to convert to full auto and therefore were to be reclassified. The P/L statement didn't respond well to the ATF decision. So, in an effort to bolster sales, R. P. B. began offering suppressor kits early in 1982. They offered all internal parts for the following weapons at ninety dollars: Ingram M10 and Mil, M16/AR15, M14/M1A1, AR7 and the Colt Woodsman. They also offered complete suppressors, which meant a numbered outer tube was added to the kit and the unit assembled for Class HI dealers, police departments, and other legal purchasers.

However, it didn't work out, and on 18 October 1982, R. P. B. held a full public auction, selling its building, equipment, stock, and supplies right down to the janitor's brooms and mouse

Colt Woodsman Suppressor
Side view of the .22 caliber Woodsman with the Gold Spot suppressor in place.
Ingram Silencer Asesory

Side view of the Colt Woodsman, .22. with a homebuilt suppressor from Australia, where possession of such units is quasi-illegal. Few arrests arc made, however.

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