Haenel Suhl 6.5x57

Mauser 7.92mm Model 29 Rifle Made at Steyr and used by the Germans in World War 11. It was known as the Model 29/40 in Get-man service.

M14 Kaliber 458

Austrian 11mm 1S86 Mannlicher Straight Pull Rifle.

The flanged projection on the underside of the bolt handle unit forces the hinged bolt locking block down into the receiver cut and wedges it there.

If the thumb safety is turned, it forces a plate in front of the cocking piece to block forward movement. This safety may also be applied when the arm is uncocked, as a cut is provided in the handle unit to receive it.

Disassembly: (1) Pull out pivoted lever in left side of receiver and while holding it out withdraw the bolt. (2) Unscrew and withdraw cocking piece. (3) Pull out handle assembly. (4) Pry out extractor. (5) Unscrew bolt head. (6) Withdraw striker and spring. (7) Remove front and rear triggerguard screws. (8) Withdraw triggerguard-magazine assembly. (9) Remove bands and withdraw barrel and receiver from stock.

Austrian Model 1886 Männlicher

Caliber: 11mm

Overall length, rifle without bayonet: 52" With bayonet attached: 61"

Overall weight, rifle without bayonet: 10 lbs. With bayonet attached: 10.8 lbs.

Type of action: Straight Pull Type of bolt: 3 piece—depressed rear lug

Type of Magazine: Box—Vertical column Capacity: 5

Barrel Length: 31.7" No. Grooves: 6 Direction of Twist: Right

Bore Diameter: 433" Groorve Dia.: 445" Rate of Twist: 28.5"


1. These rifles were also issued with groove depth of .0079" ancl with sights set in paces from 200 to 2300 (164 to 1886 yds.).

2. The Model 1886 officially introduced the Mannlicher "packet loading" system in which the cartridge clip is inserted in the rifle with its cartridges.

Austrian Sporting Rifles

The Mannlicher-Schoenauer sporting rifles and carbines combine the Männlicher turn-bolt with the Schoenauer rotary box magazine. The general mechanical design is the same as the Greek Mannlicher 1903 and 1903/14. (See under Greece.)

The actions were sold throughout the world by Steyr-Werke A. G. Many small British gunmakers and some of the larger German firms such as Haenel of Suhl barreled and stocked these actions to special order.

As a result, "Mannlicher-Schoenauers" may be found with any conceivable combination of caliber, sights, barrel lengths, stocking and engraving. Many have double set triggers; some have single set triggers.

Mannlicher-Schoenauer high power rifles and carbines made by Steyr Daimler Puch until recently had the following characteristics:


Calibers: 6.5x54, 6.5x57, 7x37, 7x64, 8X57JS, Calibers: 6.5x57, 7x57, 7x64, 8X57JS, 8x6oS,

.243 Win, .244 Rem, .257 Roberts, .270 9-3XÖ2> -2o7 win> HH Win, 257 Roberts,

Win, .280 Rem, .308 Win, .358 Win, .30-06 -308 win> -358 Win, .244 Rem, .280 Rem,

Barrel length: 18.1" Barrel length:

A Magnum rifle is also made for the 6.5x68, 8x68S, and .458 Winchester Magnum cartridges. It has an overall length of 46 inches, and a weight of 6.83 pounds. The Mannlicher Schoenauer rifles and carbines can now be obtained with American type Monte Carlo stocks and rearward bent bolt handles (Model MC).

STEYR .22 CALIBER RIFLES: Several different models of bolt action .22 rifles were made by Steyr Daimler Puch. The Deluxe Model has a full stock similar to the Mannlicher Carbine.

Current production of the classic Mannlicher-Schoenauer sporting rifle and carbine is limited to production of the Model G-K rifle, with sporter stock and the Model MCA full stock carbine, both chambered for the 7x57, 7x64, .30-06 or .270 Win. cartridges, but it is still advertised in .243 Win. in the United States.

Steyr Daimler Puch has introduced a new series of high-power sporting rifles which have an entirely different type of bolt action than the Mannlicher-Schoenauer.

Steyr-M annlicher Rifles

The Steyr-Mannlicher rifles use a bolt with multiple—6—interrupted screw-type locking lugs which are rear mounted and lock into the receiver behind the receiver bridge. The bolt consists of three principal pieces, one of which is the bolt body, a long cylindrical piece carrying the extractor and bored out for the firing pin. The rear quarter of the bolt body is of reduced diameter so that the sleeve containing the locking lugs and the bolt handle and the bolt plug can be fitted on the bolt body. Thus the moving bolt sleeve, complete with safety used on the old Mannlichers, has been eliminated. The old-type bolt sleeve did add to lock time as the firing pin had to carry a fair amount of weight forward with it upon firing. The rotary magazine is still used but it is made of plastic and is easily removable. It is similar to that used on the Ruger ,22 semi-automatic rifle. The Steyr Mannlicher rifles can be obtained with or without double set-trigger and the sliding safety is mounted to the rear of the bolt handle root. The bolt throw in this rifle is considerably, shorter than that of the old Mannlicher Schoenauer and the bolt handle is located behind the receiver bridge.

Mannlicher Steyer Rifles

Model: SL L MS


.222 Rem.



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