Chapter BRAZIL

(Estados Unidos Do Brazil)

GOVERNMENT PLANTS: Industria National de Armas, Sao Paulo, SP.

PRIVATE PLANTS: Amanda Rossi, Sao Leopoldo, RS.

PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: Cal. .80 FN M1949, 7.62mm FN "FAL" rifles, Mauser Model 1908, 7mm. Some U.S. M1903 and Ml rifles and Ml carbines.

EARLY OFFICIAL BREECHLOADERS: Model 1894 Mauser, 7mm. Very slight modification of Spanish Model 1893 (See under Spain.)

Brazilian Mauser Model 1908 Rifle

The description of the German Gew. and Kar. 98 series (see under Germany) covers all mechanical details of the Brazilian M. 1908, wThich differs only in caliber and non-essential externals. The cartridge is the same as that described under Spain, or the latest 7mm types as described under F.N. (Belgium).

Recent manufacture for Brazil showed steel jacketed pointed bullets of 139-grains weight. Average velocity about 2950 f. s. This ammunition has also been supplied by U. S. manufacturers loaded to the same velocity with 139-grain gilding metal jacketed bullet.

Brazilian Sporting Rifles

Limited quantities of sporting rifles are made in Brazil. The firm of Amadeo Rossi makes a copy of the Winchester .22 caliber Model 62 pump gun. This rifle is distributed in the United States by Firearms International Corp. of Washington, D.C. This rifle which is called the "Gallery" (The Winchester Model 62 was the most common commercial shooting gallery rifle in the United States for many years) by Firearms International is of good quality construction.

1904 Brazilian MauserRifles 1904

Brazilian Mauser Model 1904 Carbine. Rifle is same except for bolt handle projection and barrel length. Caliber 7mm rimless.

Bulgarian Mannlicher Model 1895 Straight Pull Carbine, Caliber 8mm rim. This is the same as the Austrian Service arm.


.22 Rossi "Gallery rifle.

Chapter 16 BULGARIA


Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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