Chapter CANADA

GOVERNMENT PLANTS, Long Branch, Ontario.

PRIVATE PLANTS: Ross (no longer in production). John Inglis, World War II; NAACO.

Ross Rifles

Canadian Ross Rifles 303. From top to bottom: Mark III, Mark II*, Mark II, and Mark III*.

PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: (1). Rifle, 7.62 mm FN C1AL (2). The only rifle manufactured in Canada and issued during World War II was the Service Rifle, No. 4 Mark I and Mark I*.

The above Lee-Enfiekl pattern is discussed under Great Britain.

Rifle 7.62mm FN CI

Canada was among the first to adopt the FN "FAL" rifle and commenced manufacture of the rifle in a "semiautomatic fire only" version at the Canadian Government Arsenal, Long Branch, Ontario. Ci is basically the same in operation as the "FAL" but differs in some details such as the rear sight. Three different lengths of butt—long, normal, and short are available for the Ci.

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