Chapter Egypt United Arab Republic

GOVERNMENT PLANTS: Facilities exist for production of rifles and submachine guns.


PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: Egypt was formerly equipped mainly with British .303 S.M.L.E. No. 1 rifles. Prior to the overthrow of the monarchy, Egypt purchased substantial quantities of the Model 1949 F.N. semi-automatic rifle in 7.92mm caliber. Production facilities were also set up for the production of the Swedish Model 42 Ljungman rifle in 7.92mm.

Tlie Egyptian model of the Ljungman, called the "Hakim/' is a very faithful copy of the Swedish Ljungman AG42, differing only in minor details. Unlike the Swedish Army pattern, the Egyptian Ljungman has eight gas adjustment settings to compensate for variations in ammunition. The last setting cuts off gas completely, permitting manual operation of the bolt if necessary. The final product is an excellently machined weapon. One sample placed ten shots within a three-inch circle at 100 yards—pretty good for a semi-automatic rifle. Its clean lines and simplicity of design also make it a fine infantry weapon. (Since the Egyptian and Swedish Ljungman models are basically the same, see also under Sweden.)

Egypt developed a rifle chambered for the Soviet 7.62mm "intermediate" size cartridge called the "Rashid". The "Rashid" is basically a recluced-size Ljungman, with permanently attached bayonet, chambered for the Soviet 7.62mm "intermediate'' size cartridge. Very few of these rifles were made in Egypt; they have been reported to be manufactured in Syria within recent years.

Egypt purchased quantities of Soviet 7.62mm SKS carbines and Czech 7.62mm Model 52 rifles from the Soviet bloc. Syria, while a member state of the United Arab Republic, was supplied with Soviet 7.62mm AK-47 assault rifles. All of these weapons are covered under their countries of origin.

The greater percentage of Egyptian troops are currently equipped with the Soviet 7.62mm AK-47 assault rifle.

Egyptian Modern Weapons

Egyptian Ljungman Semiautomatic Rifle.

Egyptian Training and Sporting Arms

The Egyptian Army has had several training arms built for it abroad. A .22 L.R. training rifle modeled to resemble the Ljungman was made for Egypt by Beretta of Italy and a 4.5mm air rifle was made by Anschutz which is also modeled on the Ljungman.

There is limited manufacture of sporting arms at the Egyptian government arms plant. Double-barrel 12 gauge shotguns, a box-magazine feci, bolt-action .22 caliber rifle, the "Mansoura" and a 4.5mm air rifle, the "Ramses" are made. Egypt manufactures cartridges for its service and sporting arms.

Gage Bolt Action With Mag

Egyptian 7.62mm "Rashid" rifle with bayonet fixed.

Ramses Air Rifle

Top: Egyptian .22 "Mansour" Rifle. Bottom: Egyptian 4.5mm "Ramses" air rifle.

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