Chapter Great Britain

(The United Kingdom)

GOVERNMENT PLANTS: Enfield Lock, Fazakerley, and Maltby. Only-Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF), Enfield Lock is active at present.

PRIVATE PLANTS: B.S.A. Guns Ltd., Boss, Cogswell and Harrison, Gibbs, W. W. Greener, Holland 8c Holland, W. J. Jefferv, Parker Hale, Powell, Purdey, John Rigby, Vickers, Westley Richards, Woodward. Of these and scores of other gunmakers, only B.S.A. and Vickers have done real production work. The others arc all custom makers.

PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: Rifle 7.62mm LIAI. Former Military Rifles: (1). Lee-Enfield series. (SMLE No. 1 Marks 111 and III* Rifles. (2). Rifle No. 3 Mark T* (modified Mauser). (3). Rifles No. 4 I, 1 * and 2 (mass production Enfields), Rifle No. 5, Mark I*.

Note: Rifle No. 2 is a conversion to .22 caliber of Rifle No. 1.

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