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PRIVATE PLANTS: Rheinmettal Borsig, Dusscldorf; Heckler and Koch, Oberndorf A/M; J. G. Anschutz GmbH, Ulm/Donau; Carl Walther, GmbH, Ulm/Donau; H. Krieghoff K. G., Ulm/Donau; J. P. Sauer 8c Sohn A. G., Dussel-dorf; Waffcn Frankonia, VVurzburg, F. W. Heym, Munnerstadt, Krico, and Mauser, Obendorf.

PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: 7.62mm Rifle G3, G3A1, G3A2, G3A3 and G3A4.

West German 7.62mm G3 Rifle

This weapon is the German version of the Spanish CETME assault rifle. The G$, which is covered in more detail under Spain, began as the StG 45 (M), a prototype weapon, developed in Germany at the end of World War II. Since this weapon is the same in functioning, bring, and field stripping as the Spanish CETME, these arc described in the Spanish section. The principal difference between the Spanish CETME and the G3 is in the construction of the bolt head. The G$ bolt head is designed to function with full power NATO cartridges; the CETME bolt head is designed to function with reduced charge NATO cartridges. By change of bolt head, it could be used with the full power NATO cartridge. The G3 can be used with a bipod, a telescope, or an infra-red

Snooper Scope

West German 7.62mm G3 Rifle.

snooper scope. A combination flash hider and grenade launcher is built into the end of the barrel.

The G$ is made mainly of stampings; handguards may be made of plastic or wood. This weapon has been adopted by Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Pakistan and the Dominican Republic.

The G3 rifle is currently used by the West German Army in three versions:

the G3A3, G3A4 and G3A3Z. G3A3 has a plastic handguard, a rotating type rear sight; G3A4 is the same with a retractable butt stock; and G3A4 is the same as G3A3, but has a scope mount. The G3A3 is now being manufactured at Kongsberg in Norway, Fabrico de Braco de Prato in Portugal, the Carl Gustav state arms plant at Eskilstuna and Husqvarna in Sweden and at the French arsenal at St. Eticnne (MAS). Although the G3 is not used in France, it has been given a French model designation—Rifle, Fr. 3, by MAS.

Model Made GermanyModel Made Germany

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