Walther Uit Supermatch

G3A3 with plastic handguard (standard arm) above; the G}A4 with retractable butt stock, below.

Caliber: 7.62mm NATO

System of operation: Delayed blowback, selective fire Weight:

Loaded w/o bipod: 9.9 lbs. Length, overall: 40.2" Barrel length: 17.7"

Feed device: 20-rnund, detachable, staggered-

row box magazine Sights-

front: Hooded post rear: I, type Muzzle velocity: 2,624 f.p.s. Cyclic rate: 500-600 R.P.M.

West German Sporting Rifles

West Germany has tremendously increased its manufacture of sporting rifles. From a relatively slow start in the mid-Fifties with only a few manufacturers represented, production has picked up to the point that there arc now literally dozens of different models of rifles available from a relatively large number of makers.

J. G. Anschiitz was one of the first West German manufacturers to enter the market after World War II. They produce a complete line of rifles from single-shot bolt-action .22 and 9mm models to Olympic-class .22 target rifles, high-power bolt-action rifles and a semi-automatic rifle. Some of the Anschiitz rifles are sold in the United States by Savage under the Savage-Anschutz label. They differ from the rifles sold by Anschiitz under its own name in various detail. All are high quality arms.

The Match 54 series rifles were the first .22 caliber Anschiitz rifles that drew international attention. The Match 54 action is still used on 15 different models of Anschiitz rifles. A newer action, the Match 64 is used on the slightly less expensive .22 caliber rifles. The high-powered rifles—Models 1574d, 1574ST, 1576D, and 1576ST—use a modified Mauser-type action. The 1574 series is chambered for .222 Rem., .222 Rem. Mag., .223, .22-250, .243 Win. and .308 Win. The 1576 series is chambered for the .30-06, .270 Win. and 7x64mm.

Probably the best known of the Anschutz rifles is the caliber .22 Model 54 Super Match Rifle. This rifle weighs 16 pounds, and has a 28-inch heavy barrel. The 50-inch long rifle has a detachable hook type butt plate, palm rest, and thumbhole type stock. The current production version of this rifle is called the Model 14 IS.

Anschutz Match Thumb Hole Stock

Anschutz Cal. 22 Model 5i Super Match Rifle.

Anschutz HornetAnschutz Super MatchAnschutz Model Match Rifle

Walther, which is represented in the United States by Interarms Ltd. of Alexandria, Va. has a line of caliber .22 L.R. arms which include match and hunting types and also manufactures a single-shot bolt-action model—the SSV —in .22 Hornet and .222 Remington. The basic models are the Model KKM which is an Olympic-grade .22 L.R. match rifle; the Model UIT, a less expensive match rifle and the Model KKJ a .22 Long Rifle hunting arm. The KKJ-M, and KKJ-H are hunting rifles chambered for the .22 Magnum and .22 Hornet respectively.

Walther Model SSV Rifle.

Walther .22 L.R. Model KKM International Match Rifle.

Walther Model KKJ Rifle.

Arma Hornet Walter

Anschiitz .22 f .R. Model 520 semi-auto rifle.

Heym Shotguns

AmchiiU .22 L.R. Model I411D Match Rifle; this rifle uses the Match 54 action.

Heym Drilling

Heym Model 33SS Drilling.

Heym Drilling

Hey J a Model 22V Over ¡Under Shotgun and Rifle.

Walther Kkm Match Rifle

Heym Model 44N Over ¡Under Shotgun, with spare s*t of shotgun and rifle barrels.

Krico is currently making a high power bolt-action in .243 Win., .308. and 5.6 x 57mm, and is additionally making four models in .222 Remington, one model in .22 WMR, and five models in .22 L.R. to include one semi-automatic.

The .22 caliber drop-block rifle is being made by Weihrauch in both long rifle or Hornet. Drillings are currently being made by Krieghoff, Sauer, and Waffen Frankonia. Over-and-under rifles and over-and-under rifle shotgun combinations are made by Sauer, Krieghoff, and Waffen Frankonia.

Frankonia Rifles7x64mm Mauser

Mauser Model 66 Rifle.

Mauser Model 66 Carbine.

Rifle Savage Power

Mauser Model 2000 Rifle.

Waffen Frankonia also makes up high power rifles on Mauser actions. Heym manufactures high power bolt-action rifles—Model SR and Model SR10. They are best known, however, for their drillings and over/under rifles, and over/ under shotgun combinations. Mauser is again back in production and has brought out two rifies of which the Model 66 is the most unusual. Although the Model 66 is a bolt action, the barrels can be changed and different caliber barrels can be used with the same action. The action is completely different from the Model 98 and is 3.8 inches shorter than the 98 action. The Model 66 has apparently had some teething problems since it was demonstrated at the NRA show around 1966 or 1967 and, advertised for quite a while since, it did not appear in dealers' catalogs until 1970. The other Mauser rifle, the Model 2000, is more conventional; its action is essentially a modernized Model 98 type.

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