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Czech 7.62mm Model 58 Assault Rifle with Wooden Stock.

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Czech 7.62mm Model 58 Assault Rifle with Folding Stock, Stock Fixed.

Caliber: 7.62mm

System of operation: Gas, selective fire Weight, loaded: with wooden stock: 8.7- lbs. with metal stock: 8.75 lbs. f.englh overall: w/wooden stock: 33" w/fixed metal stock: 33" w/folded metal slock: 25"

Barrel length: 14"

Feed device: 30-round staggered column, detachable box magazine Sights—from.: Protected post rear: Tangent leaf, adjustable in 100 meter increments from 100 10 Soo meters. Cyclic rate: 700-800 R.P.M. Muzzle velocity: 2,300 f.p.s.

The Model 58 Assault Rifle has a two-piece holt consisting of the bolt body and the locking lugs. The locking lugs lock in recesscs in the side of the receiver. The bolt carrier is thrust to the rear by a gas piston which is mounted above the barrel. The gases tapped from the gas port move the piston to the rear against the pressure of its spring and ii str ikes the lop front of the bolt carrier and forces the earlier to the rear. The piston then is forced forward by its spring. The bolt carrier takes the bolt to the rear after the locking lugs are cammed upward out of their locking recesses in the receiver. This weapon uses a spring loaded striker-firing pin arrangement similar in concept to that of the average bolt action rifle.

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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