(Magyar Orszag)

GOVERNMENT PLANTS: Budapest; all former private plants are now government owned.

PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: A modification of the Soviet designed 7.62mm AKM Assault Rifle is the current Hungarian service rifle.

FORMER MILITARY RIFLES: (i) Model 1935 Mannlicher. (2) Model 1895 Austro-IIungarian Mannlicher straight pull. (Note: The modified and converted Mi935 used by the Germans and designated "Gew. 98/40" was used in Hungary as the Model 1943. The Hungarian Model 1943 used Hungarian type fittings and bayonet lug.)

Curent Hungarian Service Rifles

The Hungarians were initially equipped with Soviet 7.62mm Model 1891/30 rifles of both Soviet and Hungarian manufacture during the late Forties and early Fifties. Since that time they have used die later Soviet-designed 7.62mm AK assault rifle and SKS carbine. Within the past decade, however, Hungary has come out with her own modification of the Soviet 7.62mm AKM assault rifle in two versions.

Hungarian AKM 63

The Hungarian AKM 63 differs from the Soviet in having a metal fore-end with a vertical pistol grip attached. The forward pistol grip, the regular pistol grip and the stock are made of plastic. Operation and disassembly are the same as for the Soviet AKM.

Hungarian AMD

The AMD is a shortened version of the AKM 63 with folding shoulder stock, shorter barrel and muzzle brake. The overall length with stock fixed is 33.4 inches, and the barrel is 12.6 inches long. It weighs 6.37 pounds.

Hungarian Made Rifle

7.62mm Hungarian AKM 63.

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