Mannlicher Schoenauer

Steyr Daimler Puch has developed a match version of their current high-powered boll-action rifle. The SSG has a heavy barrel, an adjustable trigger, a hooded front sight and micrometer-type rear sight. The length of the butt is adjustable and the stock, which may be had in walnut or plastic, is of much heavier design than the hunting rifles.

Steyr notes that the barrel is made by the "hammering" process; this process essentially consists of forming the rifling and outside contour of the barrel in one step by forcing the barrel over a mandrel. The SSG is made in 7.62mm NATO caliber only. It weighs 9.9 lbs., has a 25.6-inch barrel and is 45 inches long.

Other Austrian Sporting Arms

Franz Sodia manufactures a number of models of over/under shotgun-rifle combinations in double and triple configurations, over/under rifles, double-barrel rifles and holt-action high-powered rifles. The bolt-action rifle uses a 98 Mauser type action. These arms are all essentially custom built arms and can be obtained with various grades of engraving. These are beautifully made arms and are, as would be expected, much more expensive than mass production arms.

The Genossenschaft der Buchsenmachermcistcr of Ferlach manufacture essentially the same type of arms as docs Franz Sodia; they also manufacture quality single-shot rifles on shotgun actions in several different models.

Note On Mannlicher Calibers

The 8mm M-S cartridge in recent years was designated by Steyr as "8.2mm." As made in Europe it was also listed as 8 x 56 M-Sch. Please note that this cartridge when it can be inserted should never be used in Mauser rifles unless they are specifically chambered for it. The length of the Mannlicher case body is shorter than the 7.92mm (8mm) Mauser, permitting the M-Sch. cartridge to chamber too deeply in a Mauser rifle. This in effect produces dangerous tolerances between the head of the case and the face of the bolt.

8mm Rifles Belgium Made

Model M and S Stcyr-Mannlicher rifle.

Ferlacher Genossenschaft

Over j under shotgun/rifle combination made by Genossenschaft der Büchsen mach t me is ter of Fer lach.

Shot Gun The World War

Witt mm

Steyr Mannlicher 7.62 NATO Model SSG.

Austrian M. 1895 (Mannlicher) Straight Pull, Rifle, Caliber 8mm Austrian. Ml890 differs only in the shape of the cocking piece. During World War I this ivas an official riße of the Hungarian and Bulgarian forces also.

In caliber 8mm Austrian it saw extensive service in Eastern European War Theatres during World War II. These arms use a Mannlicher type dip. The magazine floor plate is slotted to permit the empty clip to drop out when the last cartridge has been chambered. CJ

From 1924 on large numbers of these rifles were altered in Austria and in Yugoslavia to take the standard German 7.9mm cartridge. These O conversions often have the date "2-t" stamped on the receiver near the original "95" model number. They can be positively identified, however, O only by the alterations: (1) Mauser type charger clip guides machined into the receiver. (2) Closed magazine bottom. (3j Insert-clip of ^ straight line type sealed within magazine well to hold the heads of the rimless 7.9mm cartridges.

The M1895 Männlicher must not. be confused with the Ml888/1890 which has a much weaker type of straight pull action. -rj

Browning Acera Fullstock

Mannlicher Schoenauer Sporting Carbine. Typical flat, turned-down bolt handle. Made in various calibers. Commonly encountered as shown with double set-triggers and full stock, but single triggers and half-slocks were also provided.

These rifles use the Mannlicher turn bolt action combined with the Schoenauer revolving box magazine. They may be loaded with single cartridges or from strip-in charger clips. They do not use the Mannlicher enbloc clips.

Mannlicher Schoenauer Bolt

Austrian Mannlicher-Schoenauer Sporting Rifle. The bolt head is detachable in the Mannlicher turn bolt design. l ugs are at front end of bolt cylinder to rear of head, farther back than in Mauser design. The lugs are not visible in drawing, but location may be judged from position of their scats in the receiver ring. The cocking piece unit fits over the rear of the striker shaft and it held by a nut screwed on to the end of the striker.

Mainspring compression is completed as the bolt handle is turned down. At that, point the sear holds the cocking piece nose, while the bolt is pulled forward as the locking iugs turn in cam slots leading to their locking seats in the receiver ring.

The rotary magazine detail shows loading with charger clip. In losing with individual cartridges, the magazine stop springs back as each cartridge is inserted, thus preventing any unwinding motion. The magazine follower spring is wound progressively lighter as each car• ■ tridge enters the magazine. Cartridges are never in touch with each other. ^

Mannlicher Sch Nauer Sniper

Postwar Slcyr High Powered hiifie with Scope. 'J'his is the Mode! MC Mannlicher Schoenauer with Monte Carlo type stock.

Mannlicher Schoenauer

Postwar Mannlicher Schoenauer Carbine with Scope; it is Model MC with Monte Carlo Stock.

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