Madscn Light Automatic Rifle

The Dansk Industri Syndicat has developed a new rifle which currently exists only in prototype form. This weapon makes extensive use of light weight material having an aluminum alloy receiver, receiver cover, trigger guard, rear sight, magazine, and bipod.

Caliber: 7.62mm NATO System of operation: Gas. selective fire Weight w/loaded magazine: 10.6 lbs. Length overall: 42.3" Barrel length: 21.1"

Feed device: 20-round detachable, staggered box magazine

Sights—front: Hooded blade rear: Aperture, graduated from loe to 600 meters Rifling: 4 lands and grooves, right hand twist, 1 turn in 12 in. Muzzle velocity: Approx. 2,650 f.p.s. Cyclic rate: 550-600 r.p.m.

Schultz Larsen Accuracy

Schultz and Larsen M61 Match Free Rifle; below it, the same firm's M62.

Schultz And Larsen M68

Schultz and Larsen M68 DL Rifle.

To load, insert a loaded magazine into the magazine port and push home until locked by the magazine catch. Cock the weapon by pulling the operating handle to the rear as far as it will go, then release. The weapon is now cocked and ready to fire.

This weapon has its return spring mounted above the barrel where it circles the pisto nrod. The piston rod has a ball-shaped end which fits into a cut-out area in the bolt carrier. The return spring thus pulls the bolt and bolt carrier into the battery position rather than pushing them as in most weapons. The bolt and bolt carrier operate in a manner similar to that of the Soviet AK-47 assault rifle. The bolt rotates to lock and has frontally-mounted locking lugs. It is rotated by means of a lug on the bolt operating a cam on the bolt carrier. The trigger mechanism is similar to that of the Soviet AK.

This weapon has a combination flash hider and grenade launcher. It has a bipod which can be easily fitted and it can also be fitted with a telescopic sight. The weapon can be made with a wooden stock or a fixed., plastic covered, metal-tube stock.

Danish Sporting Rifles

The firm of Schultz and Larsen at Otterup is the only well-known manufacturer of small arms in Denmark. They have an outstanding reputation for match rifles and their current match free rifles, the M61 and M62, are of high quality.

M61 and M62 Match Free Rifles

The M61 is chambered for the .22 Long Rilie and the M62 is chambered for the 7.62mm NATO, but can be chambered for any standard high-powered cartridge. The principal differences between the two rifles is the action. The M61 locks on the bolt root, and one locking lug which is on the opposing side of the bolt. The M62 has four evenly spaced locking lugs which are forward of the bolt handle. The barrel on the Model 61 is 28.5 in. long as opposed to the 27.5 in. of the M62.

The front sight is of the tunnel type and uses ring or post inserts. The rear sight is micrometer. Each click of the windage and elevation knobs move the center of impact 0.1 inch at 50 meters or 0.5 inches at 300 meters. These rifles can be obtained with a no-slack hair trigger or in two different weights of double pull; all are set triggers. The thumb-hole stock has an adjustable butt plate, a palm rest and a hand stop. Both rifles weigh approximately 16.5 pounds.

M68 DL Bolt-Action Rifle

The bolt of the M68 DL is similar to that of the M62 in that the four locking lugs are rear mounted. The front of the bolt completely shrouds the cartridge head, and there are three gas escape ports in the bolt. The M68 DL comes in 20 calibers to include all of the popular United States calibers. The magazine holds 4 rounds in most calibers, three rounds in Magnum caliber. The thumb-operated safety is on the right side of the bolt sleeve. With 24-inch barrel, the rifle is 44.5 inches long and weighs about 7.5 pounds.

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