(Rep├║blica Mexicana)

GOVERNMENT PLANTS: Mexico City Arsenal.

PRIVATE PLANTS: None of consequence.

PRINCIPAL MILITARY RIFLES: 7.62mm NATO FN "FAL"; Cal. .30 Ml, cal. .30 Ml954.

FORMER MILITARY RIFLES: Various Mauser patterns, 7nmi. Chiefly 1895, 1902, 1907, 1910, 1912, 1LJ24, and 1936. Later manufacture is Mexican, but German makes were also used.

Mexican Mausers

In 1895 Mexico officially adopted for military service a 7mm Mauser rifle, practically identical with the Spanish Model 1893.

The photographs, drawings and description of the Spanish Model 1893 (see Spain) effectively covers the Mexican Model 1895.

The 7mm M1902 Mexican Mauser was quite similar to the Mi895. The principal difference is that a 98-type bolt is used on the M1902, as opposed to the 93 type bolt used on the M1895. Roth of these rifles have straight stocks, leaf-type rear sights, and bayonet lugs on the bottom of their upper bands. The 7mm Model 1912 Mauser is similar to the German Gewehr 98; the principal

1936 Mexican Mauser 7mm
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Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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