Muzzle velocity fps Austrian Mannlicher Model

Caliber: 8mm

Overall length, rifle without bayonet: 504mm Overall weight, rifle without bayonet: 9.7 lbs. Type of action: Straight Pull Type of Magazine: Box—Vertical Column Barrel Length: 30.1" So. Grooves: 4

Bore Diameter: .315" Groove Dia.: .329"


1. When first issued in 1888, the then new 8mm cartridge was loaded with black powder. In 1890 the change to smokeless was made, calling for regraduation of sights.

2. The action of this model is the same as the Model 1886.

With bayonet attached: 60.2" With bayonet attached: 10 lbs. Type of bolt: 3 piece—depressed rear lug Capacity: 5 Direction of Twist: Right Rate of Twist: 9.84"

Austrian Model 1890 Mannlieher Carbine

Caliber: 8mm

Overall length, rifle without bayonet: 39.5" Overall weight, rifle without bayonet: 7.1 lbs. Type of action: Straight Pull Type of Magazine: Box—Vertical Column Barrel Length: 19.5" No. Grooves: 4


1. This carbinc is mechanically the same a* the M. 1895 Rifle. The shape of the cocking piece, as shown in the photograph, and the barrel and furniture are the major differences in the two.

2. 1'he drawings and description of the Rifle M. 1895 effectively cover the Cavalry Carbine M. 1890.

Models 1886, 1888 and 1888-90

These are straight pull rifles of a basic design quite different from the Model 95.

The bolt is a two piece type bored out from the front to permit insertion of the striker and mainspring. They are retained by a separate head which is screwed into the bolt. This head is locked by the extractor, a long spring claw in the right side of the bolt.

A swinging block is hinged to the underside of the bolt. This block is forced down into a cut in the receiver behind the magazine well to lock the bolt in firing position.

A rear section of the bolt is hollowed out to receive the bolt handle unit. A solid flanged projection on the underside of the bolt handle unit locks and unlocks the wredge as the action is operated.

The striker projects through the rear of both bolt and bolt handle unit. The cocking piece is screwed into the end of the striker.

The trigger is a bell crank lever attached to the underside of the sear. The sear is part of a long flat spring. The sear nose projects through a hole in the receiver tang.


Loading: Same as Model 95.

Firing: This rifle introduced the now common two-stage pull. There is no half-cock. The action can be cocked only by opening and closing the action.

Opening the Action:'As the handle is pulled back it draws the striker with it. The flanged projection on the forward end of the cocking piece raises the hinged locking block out of receiver engagement. This block pressing back against the flange prevents any forward movement of the cocking piece. This holds the mainspring back. The extractor carries the empty case back until it hits a projection in the receiver bridge which serves as ejector. The bolt stop halts bolt assembly travel.

Closing the Action: The sear nose forced up by its spring arm catches the cocking piece stud. The bolt is thrust forward while the striker is held back, thereby cocking the mainspring.

The face of the bolt starts a cartridge forward. As the cartridge clears the clip, the extractor springs over its rim, guiding it the rest of the distance into the chamber.

Type of bolt: 2 piece—Rotating Head Capacity: 5 Direction of Twist: Right Rate of Twist: 9.84"

Mannlicher Shoenauer ExtractorMuzzle Velocity Rifle

Austrian Model 1888¡90 Straight Pull rifle. Caliber 8mm Austrian rimmed. The bolt in this design is locked to the rear of the tnaga- K zine way by a swinging wedge forced down into the receiver by action of the bolt handle. q

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