Rifle Model

Barrel Length; 23.4" No. grooves: 4 Bore Diameter: .313" groove dia.: .326" Type of bolt: 2 piece—iota ling head Capacity: 5

Direction of twist: Left

War II in France. It was also used in the x>r and exteriors crude. This is an obsolete

French Gras Rifle

French 1886 M93. Right side detail showing action open, cartridge in elevator ready to be chambered, and hooked front of elevator preventing next cartridge in magazine tube from emerging.

The bolt is two piece. The dual lugs are carried on the bolt head. Primary extraction is effected by the rising projection at the front of the bolt cylinder proper working against a camming face on the receiver ring. The pivoted switch with thumb button at the forward end of the triggerguard is the magazine cut-off which locks the cartridge eletfator down. Cartridges are fed in standard tubular magazine fashion by a coil spring and follower in the tube. When action is open, if is necessary to remove screw from bolt cylinder projection before rear bolt units can be pulled out of receiver. Bolt head is then lifted out of the boltway. This drawing also applies in general to the Model 86-RM-35 also.

French Carbine Rifle

French Model 1886-RM-35 (1886 M9) R35). This is the old M. 1886 M93 altered in 1935 lo a carbine form. The 8mm caliber was retained, as was the tubular magazine form. Magazine holds 3 cartridges.

Model 1874 (Gras) Single Shot Rifle. Cal. 11 mm. The first French service rifle using metallic cartridge. Evolved from the Chassepot Needle fire. Also made in Carbine form.

8mm French Bolt Action

Model 1890. Right side detail drawing showing essential features of the modified French bolt popularly known as the "Benhier". Note that it varies somewhat from the older M. 18S6 {"Lehel") design.

This is the first French form developed to use a 3-shot clip of Männlicher type. Magazine follower is being forced up between clip side walls to feed cartridgeWhen action is open, pressing clip release in front end of trigger guard pivots upper end of clip out of contact with projection on back of clip and pressure of follower drives clip and cartridges up for removal.

Design has two-piece boh with removable head which carries the two locking lugs.

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

Hunting Mastery Selected Tips

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