Gas System Cleaning

The gas system includes the magazine tube, seal ring, gas piston, spacer tube, gas system return spring, and gas cylinder portion of the barrel (Figure 15). These parts should be thoroughly cleaned using solvent. A stiff brass bristle brush is useful for removing stubborn deposits.

Apply a light coat of gun oil to all metal parts and then wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth. Excess oil will accelerate the build up of carbon residue in the gas system and may have a negative effect on the shotgun s performance.

Camouflage guns: Caution should be exercised to avoid exposure of camouflage patterns to strong solvents or insect repellants.


1. Position link in slot in rear of slide (Figure 13).

2. Attach link to slide with link pin. Link must be installed with tab side facing down.

3. Place bolt on top of slide, making sure it sits flat.

4. Install bolt and slide assembly into front of receiver, link first. The slide may need to be "wiggled" side to side in order to engage the tracks in the receiver. The bolt will stop when it is nearly flush with the front of the receiver. While aligning the end of the link with the return spring plunger, press the bolt release. This will allow the action to seat in the receiver. The end of the link must be in the return spring plunger! Push bolt rearward into receiver just far enough for operating handle slot to become fully visible.

Mossberg 930 Bolt Assembly

Figure 14

Figure 13

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