Williams Style rear sights slug models only

Elevation may be adjusted by loosening the smaller of the two screws on the rear sight base. This will allow the sight leaf base to be raised or lowered by sliding the base up or down the rear sight ramp. Tighten screw after adjustment (Figure 16). Windage may be adjusted by loosening the larger of the two screws and sliding the sight leaf left or right in the sight base. Tighten screw after adjustment (Figure 16). Remember Move the rear sight in the same direction you would like the shot to...

Cleaning And Lubrication

With proper maintenance and care, your Mossberg shotgun will provide you with years of dependable service. Your firearm should be inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure that it remains in good condition. Clean your firearm as soon as possible after use. This is especially important if your firearm has been exposed to moisture. For maximum performance and continued satisfaction with your shotgun, periodic cleaning and lubrication are essential. Follow the instructions and equipment...

Mechanical Safety

Shotguns With Mechanical Safety

The safety button is located on the top rear portion of the receiver Figure 1 and must be manually moved to the desired position by the shooter. To put the safety in the ON SAFE position, the safety button must be moved fully rearward into the safety detent. The button will now be over the red dot. The red dot is a training aid used only to show the direction of the ON SAFE position and should not be used as an indicator that the safety is ON or OFF. Moving the safety button forward toward the...

To Lock Action Open And Remove Chamber Plug

Extracapsular Cataract Extraction

With the safety button fully rearward in the ON position, hold the shotgun in your left hand by the forearm, and grasp the operating handle with your right hand Figure 4 . 2. Pull the operating handle fully rearward in one quick motion. When released, the action will move slightly forward towards the muzzle and lock in the open position. 3. Remove chamber plug from the chamber. It is recommended that the chamber plug be reinstalled when the firearm is not in use as an added measure of safety...

Mossberg Models Are Designed To Fire And Gauge Shotshells Only

Mossberg M9200a1

SHOTGUN CAPACITY - Five 5 3 shotshells 4 in the magazine tube, plus one in chamber , or Four 4 3 1 2 shotshells shotshells 3 in the magazine tube, plus one in chamber . MAGAZINE PLUG - You are responsible for complying with all laws regarding magazine capacity. To comply with U.S. migratory bird laws, your shotgun was shipped with a wooden dowel inserted into the magazine tube which limits magazine capacity to two 2 shells. Before loading, move the safety button fully rearward to the ON SAFE...

Barrel And Gas System Reassembly

Gas Piston For Mossberg 935

Grasp the operating handle and lock the action in the OPEN position Figure 15 . 2. Install forearm retainer, gas system return spring, pusher assembly, spacer tube, gas piston, and seal ring onto magazine tube. Note orientation of seal ring. Angled surface of seal ring must face out. 3. Install barrel into receiver and over magazine tube. Continue to push barrel into receiver until fully seated. If barrel binds during assembly, slide gas piston forward, towards the gas cylinder, this should...

Service outside of the USA

Part Mossberg 935

For Mossberg firearm parts and service requirements outside of the United States, customers are requested to contact the closest Mossberg stocking dealer distributor. MOSSBERG WARRANTY 935 AUTO-LOADING SHOTGUN TWO 2 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Limited Warranty O.F. Mossberg amp Sons, Inc. Mossberg warrants to you, the original retail purchaser of a new Mossberg 935 Auto-Loading Shotgun the Mossberg firearm , that the Mossberg firearm will be free of defects In material or manufacture for a period of...

Turkey Taker Fiber Optic sights turkey models only

Mossberg 935 Stock Spacers

Elevation may be adjusted by turning the screw, located on the rear sight, in or out. Turning the screw in clockwise , will shift the point of impact up Figure 17 . Windage may be adjusted by pulling up on the rear sight tab and swinging the rear sight to the left or right, locking in place in one of the three slots Figure 17 . Included with 935 shotguns is a matching set of stock spacers and stock retention plates. These spacers allow you to raise or lower the vertical position of the stock...

Gas System Removal

Mossberg Model Disasembly

Remove the seal ring, gas piston, spacer tube, pusher assembly, gas system return spring, and forearm retainer from the magazine tube Figure 10 . Note orientation of seal ring for reassembly. Angled surface of seal ring must face outward. 1. Pull the operating handle straight out of the bolt Figure 11 . 2. Remove bolt and slide assemblies from the receiver through the barrel hole. 4. Push link pin out with blunt object no larger than 1 8 diameter.

Unloading Mossberg 935 Magazine

Hohnen Werkzeuge

Move the safety button fully rearward to the ON SAFE position and keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times. At no time during unloading should you allow your fingers or any other object to touch the trigger. 1. First, remove the shells from the magazine tube. With the safety button fully rearward in the ON SAFE position, turn the shotgun so that the trigger guard is facing upward Figure 8 . 3. While holding the elevator down with your thumb, press the bolt release Figure 4 ....

To Install Magazine Plug

Be sure the shotgun is unloaded by visually and physically checking the chamber, elevator, and magazine tube, and the safety button is fully rearward in the ON SAFE position before performing any assembly or disassembly procedure. Unscrew and remove the magazine cap Figure 9 , insert either end of the wooden dowel at the end of the magazine tube, inside the coils of the magazine spring. Replace magazine cap finger tight only. Do not use pliers or a wrench to tighten the magazine cap.