Action Reassembly

1. Position link in slot in rear of slide (Figure 13).

2. Attach link to slide with link pin. Link must be installed with tab side facing down.

3. Place bolt on top of slide, making sure it sits flat.

4. Install bolt and slide assembly into front of receiver, link first. The slide may need to be "wiggled" side to side in order to engage the tracks in the receiver. The bolt will stop when it is nearly flush with the front of the receiver. While aligning the end of the link with the return spring plunger, press the bolt release. This will allow the action to seat in the receiver. The end of the link must be in the return spring plunger! Push bolt rearward into receiver just far enough for operating handle slot to become fully visible.

5. To install the operating handle, first ensure the safety button is in the "ON" (SAFE) position. Next hold the operating handle with the notch facing rearward and push the handle through the bolt into the slide assembly. Push operating handle inward until plunger engages with notch in operating handle. Gently tug outward on the operating handle to ensure it is securely engaged in the bolt. The operating handle will now prevent the action from

Figure 13

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