Turkey Taker Fiber Optic sights turkey models only

Elevation may be adjusted by turning the screw, located on the rear sight, in or out. Turning the screw in (clockwise), will shift the point of impact up (Figure 17).

Windage may be adjusted by pulling up on the rear sight tab and swinging the rear sight to the left or right, locking in place in one of the three slots (Figure 17).

Figure 17


Included with 935™ shotguns is a matching set of stock spacers and stock retention plates. These spacers allow you to raise or lower the vertical position of the stock from 1/4" drop up to 3/8" rise. Each spacer and retention plate is marked with the amount of drop or rise they will provide (i.e., .250 DROP, .125 RISE, etc.). In order to obtain the amount of drop or rise indicated on the spacer, the matching stock retention plate must be installed with the stock spacer.

Stock Spacer Installation (Figure 18) --—

A Move the safety button fully rearward to the 'ON" (SAFE) position and visually and physically check the chamber, elevator, and magazine tube to be certain shotgun is unloaded. Wear eye protection during disassembly.

1. Remove recoil pad (screws will remain in recoil pad).

2. Remove stock nut using 3/4" socket wrench (Rotate counterclockwise).

3. Remove stock nut spacer and stock.

4. Remove existing stock retention plate from oval recess in stock.

5. Place selected stock spacer on back of receiver, text side facing out. (Note clocking slot).

6. Reinstall stock with matching retention plate in oval recess. IMPORTANT: Retention plate must be installed with the text side facing out and right side up. (You should be able to read the markings right side up when looking into the butt end of the stock).

7. Install stock nut spacer and stock nut. Do not over-tighten stock nut.

8. Replace recoil pad. Do not over-tighten screws.

After performing any work on your firearm such as cleaning, disassembly, or installation of any accessory, check your firearm for proper functioning before firing any live ammunition.

Mossberg 935 Stock Spacers


Figure 18


Figure 18



Move the safety button fully rearward to the "ON" (SAFE) position and keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

Open the action, visually and physically check chamber, elevator, and magazine tube to be certain firearm is unloaded.

Do not use bent or deformed choke tubes as these may result in tube or barrel damage upon firing which may cause serious personal injury. Inspect choke tubes periodically to insure they are properly installed and in good condition. Pay special attention to the threaded end of the choke tube to be certain it is not deformed or dented.

A Never fire the shotgun without a choke tube properly installed. Failure to do so will damage the precision threads on the inside of the barrel. Firing the shotgun with loose choke tubes may lead to damage to the choke tube and barrel, as well as serious personal injury.

CARE & CLEANING: The precision threads on your choke tube should be kept clean and lightly oiled at all times.

During cleaning of the barrel, be certain a choke tube is properly installed. This will avoid residue build-up on threads.

ACCU-MAG choke tubes are designed for use with Lead, Steel, and other nontoxic shot. Each durable tube is marked with the type of pattern it will produce.

TO REMOVE CHOKE TUBE: Loosen with choke wrench provided, turning it counterclockwise. When the choke tube is loosened, remove it completely with your fingers. Place choke tube on a clean, dry surface.

TO INSTALL CHOKE TUBE: Screw the tube clockwise into barrel by hand and then tighten the tube until snug with the choke wrench. These tubes fit completely inside the barrel when properly installed. Do not use excessive force when installing.

Tube tightness should be checked periodically.


















* Lead, steel, and other non-toxic shot patterns will vary substantially depending on shell length, shot size, brand of ammunition, and the individual barrel. The shooter is urged to conduct pattern tests before field use.

A SLUGS: Overbored 935™ Accu-Mag™ barrels are designed for lead, steel, and other non-toxic shot loads only. We specifically disclaim any responsibility for damage or injury resulting from firing slugs (single projectile ammunition) through overbored barrels. Use only non-overbored 935™ barrels designed specifically for slug shooting.

The NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION has determined that the average distance at which turkeys are most effectively taken, under average environmental conditions and surroundings, is 30 yards.

Subsequently, Mossberg designed and manufactured this highly specialized choke tube for #4 or #6 lead shot to yield a high core concentration and high pellet count in a 20 inch circle at 30 yards. Shot patterns at distances greater than 30 yards will be less dense.

This special purpose 'Turkey Tube" is specifically designed for use with Lead shot loads only.

A Do not shoot steel shot through an Ulti-Full turkey tube as it may result in barrel damage.

Test results with the Ulti-Full™ Turkey Tube are averages and individual shotgun performance may vary. Mossberg recommends pattern testing with several brands of ammunition at various distances to familiarize yourself with your shotgun's performance.

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