Mechanical Safety

The safety button is located on the top rear portion of the receiver (Figure 1) and must be manually moved to the desired position by the shooter.

To put the safety in the "ON" (SAFE) position, the safety button must be moved fully rearward into the safety detent. The button will now be over the red dot. The red dot is a training aid used only to show the direction of the "ON" (SAFE) position and should not be used as an indicator that the safety is "ON" or "OFF." Moving the safety button forward toward the muzzle of the shotgun will put the safety in the "OFF" (FIRE) position.

Remember, a firearm's manual safety is a mechanical device which can never replace safe firearm handling practices.

Never rely on any mechanical mechanism or safety device to prevent the dangers of careless handling or pointing a firearm in an unsafe direction.

Shotguns With Mechanical Safety
Figure 1

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