Accusteel Choke Tubes

ACCU-STEEL TUBES - have been specifically designed for exceptional endurance and controlled patterning of steel shot.

These tubes should provide the best pattern results for the steel shot sizes stamped on each tube.

Lead shot may be used with ACCU-STEEL tubes; however, pattern tests should be made to compare the pattern change.

To remove choke tube, loosen with the choke wrech provided, turning counterclockwise. When loose, remove completely with fingers, put choke on a clean dry surface.

To install choke tube, first screw the tube clockwise into barrel by hand and then tighten the tube until snug with a choke wrench. Do not use excessive force when installing. Tube tightness should be checked periodically.

ACCU-STEEL tubes protrude beyond the muzzle and are designed specifically for steel shot. Choke designations are marked on each tube for specific steel shot sizes.

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