Cleaning And Lubrication

With proper care, your Mossberg® shotgun will provide you with years of dependable service. Your firearm should be inspected and cleaned periodically to insure that it remains in good condition. Clean your firearm as soon as possible after use. This is especially important if your firearm has been exposed to moisture.

Use the instructions and equipment provided in a quality gun cleaning kit.

For maximum performance and continued satisfaction with your shotgun, periodic cleaning and lubrication are essential. Always be sure that the safety button is fully rearward in the "ON" (SAFE) posiition (Fig. 2) and that the firearm is unloaded before cleaning or lubricating your shotgun. Wear eye protection during cleaning.

Normal use requires only that the mechanisms be free of excessive shooting residue. Very little lubrication other than a light oiling of external surfaces to prevent rust is needed.

If the shotgun is to be stored for a long period of time it should be thoroughly cleaned and oiled. Do not plug barrel or store in a fabric lined case that will absorb lubricant from the shotgun.

Scrub bore and chamber with solvent and follow with cleaning patches until barrel is clean. A final pass with a lightly oiled patch will provide a protective coating. Clean and remove any deposits in the barrel extension.

All metal parts should be cleaned with gun solvent and lightly lubricated with gun oil. Over lubrication should be avoided. Use only lubricants specifically designed for firearms. Avoid the use of abrasives which may damage the metal finish.

A Make sure the barrel is free of obstructions and excessive lubricant after cleaning.

Camo guns: Caution should be exercised to avoid exposure of camouflage pattern to strong solvents.

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