For And Model Pump Action Shotguns


These safety warnings are for your protection as well as the safety of others. Disregarding information in this manual may result in serious injury or death.

A Be certain this owner's manual is available for reference and is kept with this firearm if transferred to another party. If manual is lost or misplaced, write directly to Mossberg for a free replacement copy.

After performing any work on your firearm such as cleaning, adjustments, disassembly or installation of any accessory, the firearm should be re-checked for proper functioning before firing live ammunition.

Firearms are complicated mechanisms. Any modification, alteration, or improper fitting of parts may result in a dangerous malfunction, damage to the firearm and injury to the shooter and other persons. The firearm's owner must accept full responsibility for the correct reassembly and functioning of the firearm after any disassembly or replacement of parts.

A If you do not understand any of the material in this manual or have any questions, contact a qualified gunsmith or O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., directly.

A Do not attempt to load or use any firearm until you read and understand the information contained in its owner's manual. Before handling your firearm, you should learn how it operates and how to maintain it. This includes knowing its basic parts, how the manual safety and other safety features operate, how to safely open and close the action and how to safely load and unload ammunition from the firearm. Improper use and handling is dangerous and could cause serious injury or death to you or those around you. All users of the firearm must become thoroughly familiar with the instructions in this manual.

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