Heat Shield


a. Move the safety button fully rearward to the "ON" (SAFE) position and keep muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

b. Open the action, visually and physically check chamber, elevator and magazine tube to be certain the firearm is unloaded.


NOTE: The heat shield can only be installed on 12 ga., plain barrel models. Heat shield will not fit on barrels with Ghost Ring® sights.

1) Follow barrel removal procedures as described in this Owner's Manual.

2) Carefully remove front sight by turning it counterclockwise. Take precautions to insure you do not damage the barrel finish.

3) Slide heat shield onto barrel from muzzle end. Large ring on heat shield is positioned towards rear of barrel.

4) With the heat shield on the barrel, use a small padded "C" clamp or a vise, to close the forward clamp of the heat shield.

5) Position the appropriate length plastic spacer or optional bushing style spacers between the forward clamp. Insert the two screws and start the two hex nuts on the screws using a 7/64" hex key wrench and a 5/16" open end or box wrench. DO NOT FULLY TIGHTEN THE TWO SCREWS YET (Fig. 17).

6) Reassemble barrel to action.

A When securing heat shield, barrel must be attached to shotgun. Barrels with heat shield secured are not interchangeable without proper refitting of heat shield to gun as described in the above procedure.

Make sure takedown screw is secure and the barrel is fully seated before proceeding to the next step.

7) Position heat shield so that the rear (large ring) butts up against the front of the receiver.

8) Using a 7/64" Allen wrench and a 5/16" open end or box wrench, tighten the clamp screws to securely hold the heat shield in place. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE SCREWS.

9) Reinstall front sight.

A Whenever the heat shield barrel is removed from the shotgun, repeat the above steps 5-8 to insure that the shield is not preventing the barrel from being seated fully.

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