* Lead shot patterns will vary substantially with the extra-full steel shot tube depending on shell length, shot size, brand of ammunition and the individual barrel. The shooter is urged to conduct lead shot pattern tests with this tube before field use.

SLUGS: Overbored 835® Model Accu-Mag barrels are designed for lead or steel pellet shot loads only. We specifically disclaim any responsibility for damage or injury resulting from firing slugs (single projectile ammunition) through overbored barrels. Use only 835 Model barrels designed specifically for slug shooting.


The NATIONAL WILD TURKEY FEDERATION has determined that the average distance at which turkeys are most effectively taken, under average environmental conditions and surroundings is 30 yards.

Subsequently Mossberg designed and manufactured this highly specialized choke tube for #4 or #6 lead shot to yield at high core concentration and high pellet count in a 20 inch circle at 30 yards. Shot patterns at distances greater than 30 yards will be less dense.

These special purpose "Turkey Tubes" are specifically designed for use with Lead Shot loads only.

Do not shoot steel shot through Extra Full turkey tubes as it may result in barrel damage.

Test results are averages and individual shotgun performance may vary. We recommend pattern tests with several brands of ammo and at various distances to familiarize yourself with your shotgun's performance at various distances.

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