Before loading, move the safety button fully rearward (Fig. 2) to the "ON" (SAFE) position.

During loading never allow fingers or any objects to contact the trigger. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Depress the action lock lever (Fig. 3) and open the action by pulling the forearm completely rearward.

Inspect the chamber and bore of the barrel for any obstruction, excessive oil or grease. The chamber is the rear portion of the barrel which contains the cartridge (Fig. 4). Failure to do so may result in gun damage and/or personal injury when the shotgun is fired.

Do not load shotgun until ready to use! Unload shotgun when shooting has been completed! The safety button should always be fully rearward in the "ON" (SAFE) position whether the firearm is loaded or not.

Check to be certain that the ammunition selected is the same type of cartridge as designated on the left side of the barrel.

The 835® Models are designated to fire 12 gauge 2-3/4", 3", or 3-1/2" factory loaded ammunition. Do not fire slugs of any type (single projectile ammunition) through the overbored 835 Accu-Mag barrel. This barrel is designated to shoot lead or steel pellet shot loads only. Use only 835 barrels designated specifically for slug shooting.

590® Models handle 12 ga. 2-3/4" or 3" magnum shells. 500® Models are designed for 2-3/4" (2-1/2" .410 bore) and 3" magnum shells within gauge.

Fully rifled barrels deliver best accuracy with sabot style slugs. "Rifled" slugs and shotshells are not recommended for use in rifled barrels.

If you wish to load the firearm with the maximum number of shells, or fire single shots, load the first shell through the ejection port located on the right side of the receiver (Fig. 5). The shell can be inserted directly into the chamber or placed on top of the elevator. Close the action by moving the forearm completely forward. Be sure to leave the safety "ON" (fully rearward) until you are ready to shoot.

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